We communicate architecture.

At Estudio Nod we are experts at providing photorealistic Rendering services for a diverse range of architectural and design products, working to give our clients engaging tools to diffuse and commercialize their projects. Innovation is our utmost priority since we focus on granting thorough solutions to convey your ideas and furnish each project with visual uniqueness.

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Still images:
A glimpse into the future

3D exterior and interior renderings have become a vital part when it comes to the promotion of a business, hotel or real estate project. They are an integral part of presentations as they add extra value to every design and we take pride in providing conceptual image solutions for top architectural practices around the globe.

We use ambitious technology to build plausible, accurate images to be powerful tools on your hands while pitching to a potential client.

Movies: The art of perspective

Due to our architectural background, our videos feature alluring crops and compositions that have a unique way of expressing architectonic designs. We are able to grasp all angles of design to conceive not only visually pleasing projects, but also meaningful representation using numerous methods and considering the diverse needs of each client, in order to provide them the proper kind of visual.

An ideal film depicts the story of a building and we possess endless options to seize your architecture design’s character, intricacy, and structural qualities.

Web experiences

Websites allow us to display your projects using every single one of our resources. Renders, animations, 360° tours and even 3D models all in the same place, attainable with only one click.


Google, Arup, Arkitema, KPF, 3g Office, Bod, Ortiz León Architects, Urbania, Alex Poulsen Arkitekter A/S.

“Their ability to build up images and narratives in different scales and typologies is pretty much appreciated. Their passion, their dedication, their friendship are something we appreciate much in our studio.”

Jose Marquez.
Associate at Arup.

“We have been working with studio NOD for a year now and we are very happy with their result. They have helped us to improve our presentations, giving us excellent images in record time. They are flexible and good team players. “

Miguel León Ortiz.
Director at Ortiz León Architects.

“Their work has been superb, and the process with great understanding and affinity.”

Alvaro de Prado.
Head of Architecture at Bod.

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